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At Beaupre, we use Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised to plan and provide daily engaging phonics lessons. Little Wandle is a phonics scheme that “reflects the latest evidence-based understanding of how children learnbased on neuroscience, cognitive psychology and educational research”. 

In phonics, we teach children that the letters of the alphabet represent different sounds, that these can be used in a variety of combinations and are put together to make words. We teach these sounds and combinations in a specific sequence that allows our children to build on their previous phonics knowledge and master phonics strategies as they move through school. Through this process, our children learn to recognise all of the different sounds and combinations that they might see when they are reading or writing. As a result, our children are able to tackle any unfamiliar words that they might discover.

At Beaupre we model these strategies in shared reading and writing, both inside and outside our phonics lessons. This includes reading as a class, one to one supported reading sessions with a Teacher/Teaching Assistant and reinforcing strategies by applying them in lessons across the Curriculum. This helps our children to use their knowledge regularly, reflecting Little Wandle’s Pillar of Learning dedicated to practising and consolidating learning.

This scheme is also supported by parents and carers through regular reading at home. Your child will be sent home with reading practice books, which are matched to your child’s reading level, as well as books to share with you. These books will help them develop fluency and confidence in reading. We encourage families to read with their children every day and embrace the practice of Reading for Pleasure to help support their development and improve their skills.

Below you can find some of the resources, information and videos provided by Little Wandle, as well as our school phonics policy. More information and helpful resources are available via the link below to the Little Wandle website.