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5 Orange

February 2023:

In preparation for the upcoming ‘Mental Health Week’ Orange Class were inspired by the poem ‘Me’ by Swapna Haddow, taken from the text ‘The book of hopes’. In groups, Orange class were able to create and perform their own versions of the poem, identifying what they love about themselves.

Orange Class Poetry Feb 2023

Dec 2022:

Orange Class have learned and performed The Crowdfunders Song by Pam Ayres, please use the link below to view the performance:

The Crowdfunders Song

Clips of Orange Class's latest poetry performances; 'Last Day' by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, 'Last Day of School' by Amanda Awan and 'Heatwaves' by Glass Animals are below for you to enjoy; 


Orange Class have covered the poem ‘The longboat’s story’- author unknown. They learnt, recited and performed their chosen poem linked to their History/Geography topic. 

Please use the link below to watch Orange Class perform 'Peeping through the Curtain'.