About Us

About Us

Our vision statement:

  • Everyone at Beaupré School operates as a team with shared high expectations of how we work and what we want to achieve
  • Our learning culture is based on listening, praising and challenging
  • Teaching is inspirational and inclusive
  • A vibrant environment supports each child's journey of exploration and discovery
  • Our pupils achieve their potential in every way as a result of feeling, safe, happy and being able to make informed choices

We believe that we can achieve this aspiration through our key beliefs which are expressed in our school motto (COGS): Communication Ownership Growth Success


Our aims show what we are trying to achieve:

  • To inspire a love of learning
  • To provide a relevant curriculum for all
  • To foster a sense of belonging to a local and wider community
  • To support children to operate as confident, independent learners and citizens
  • To ensure all children reach their potential academically, socially and personally
  • To communicate effectively and proactively, working as a team as Staff, Parents, Governors and Children


Our values show what we collectively believe in:

  • Ownership for our own actions and decisions
  • Respect for others resulting from active listening, trust and honesty
  • Questioning and challenging as well as encouraging and praising
    Equality of opportunity
  • Uniqueness of each individual and the embracement of diversity
  • Hard work and high expectations of effort as well as attainment